Proper nutrition: tips and what to include in the menu

Proper nutrition: tips and what to include in the menu

Healthy and proper nutrition is the basis of our health, harmonious development and proper functioning of all systems of the body, because we need a lot of vitamins and minerals to work, rest and feel good. Today we will tell you more about proper nutrition and give you sound advice on what products must be included in the menu.

Don’t skip breakfast – it’s essential

Breakfast is the most important meal, as it starts the metabolic process and gives us energy for the whole day. Overnight the carbohydrate deposits in the body are significantly reduced – they are “pulled” from the liver, so in the morning they need to be replenished. If this is not done, the body begins to deplete its own reserves, due to which we feel tired, it is harder for us to concentrate on work and we are very sleepy.

Carbohydrates in the morning allow us to avoid this problem, to give food for the brain and the nervous system. It is desirable that carbohydrates are slow – there are a lot of them in whole-grain cereals and porridges. You can also add to the menu a sandwich of whole-grain bread, cheese, vegetables and other healthy foods. Eggs will also work well, because they are full not only of carbohydrates, but also of healthy fats, which are essential for the proper functioning of the heart and lungs.

As for the time of breakfast, the opinions of experts differ. Some believe that it is better to eat in the morning before going to work, while others are convinced that every body has an individual biorhythm, and a comfortable time for breakfast may be different. The most healthy approach is to choose a suitable time for yourself and stick to it, without being late with breakfast, then the body will know exactly when it will get the necessary substances, and will not wear you out with feelings of hunger.

Eat regularly

Plan your day so that you have a chance to eat calmly and unhurriedly at least three times, preferably at the same time, so as not to overeat, but also not to skip meals. It is possible and sometimes necessary to have a snack, especially if your work involves physical labor. Fruit, vegetables, nuts, seeds, yogurt without sugar and flavors, dairy products and whole-grain bread are suitable.

It is important to remember that there should be no more than five meals a day, with a snack also considered a meal in terms of dental and stomach health. The last full meal should be no later than two hours before bedtime, and the food should be light, well and quickly digestible – buckwheat porridge, boiled or stewed meat, a small piece of lard, vegetables (except those that contribute to bloating the stomach) are suitable.

There should be a lot of fiber in your diet

Fiber is very important for healthy digestion and normal intestinal function. It is necessary to eat cereals and legumes, fresh fruits and vegetables, and berries. But the use of white flour products will not do any good – it is an empty food with no value for the body, because it contains fast carbohydrates. It is better to consume buckwheat, whole-grain cereals and flour.

Eat at least five handfuls of fruits and vegetables a day

In order that the body is not deficient in vitamins and minerals, every meal should include fruit or vegetables – for lunch and dinner they should occupy about half of your usual portion. You can eat steamed, stewed, boiled, fresh, make smoothies, fruit puree and various salads.

Choosing between meat and fish, give preference to fish.
It is advisable to eat fish at least three times a week – it has a lot of phosphorus and fatty acids, which are vital for our body. Besides, fish is a valuable source of vitamin D, which is necessary for the absorption of calcium and bone health. You should eat red and white fish, but not in the form of canned, pickled and smoked fish, which do more harm than good.

Be smart about your fat intake

Fats are necessary for our body, but only in a certain amount. Excessive amounts of fats can lead to heart and vascular diseases, overweight, pressure problems, and pancreatic and gallbladder diseases. That’s why you need to avoid fried and smoked foods to be healthy. It is better to give preference to cooked, stewed, baked or steamed foods. It is also desirable to remove the skin from meat and fish before cooking – this will reduce the content of saturated fatty acids. It is desirable to cook food in vegetable oil, as well as not to forget about nuts and seeds, fish oil – these products have a lot of useful fats, which are easily digested.

Minimize your intake of sugar and salt

It is important to realize that salt and sugars are already contained in food, just in a smaller and safer amount for health – the taste additive is pleasant for the receptors, but far from being useful for the body. It is desirable to minimize the use of confectionery products, if possible to give up juice drinks, sodas, sweet yogurt, all of which contain a lot of sugar. Instead of cold drinks, it is better to drink plain or mineral water or diluted freshly squeezed juices. It is better to replace the dessert with fruits, berries, honey and other really useful and tasty products.

Salt is necessary for the nervous system, but only in moderation, because excessive salt puts extra strain on the body. In fact, a very large number of foods contain excessive amounts of salt – there is a lot of it in canned goods, bread, cheese, ham, sausages and sausage. It is better to choose less salty analogues of products or cook them yourself, replacing salt with spicy herbs and safe seasonings, and add a little salt just before eating, if without this additive food does not give you pleasure.

Do Not Abuse Alcohol

Alcohol is absolutely useless for our body, it doesn’t take part in any metabolic process and it is added to medicines and foods only to prolong their shelf life or to transport the necessary substances. In addition, alcohol is extremely toxic, puts a strain on the liver and strikes a blow to the nervous system. For men it is acceptable to consume no more than two units of alcohol (up to 16 tablespoons of 40% alcohol) and for women no more than two units (up to 8 tablespoons of 40% alcohol) per day.

Be active and exercise

The best incentive for a good metabolism, good health and good mood is sports. You can go to the gym or work out on outdoor machines, visit workout sites, do exercises or go out for a run at a convenient time. Do not forget that physical activity is good for children – do not forget to go out with them to playgrounds, where there are play complexes and sports equipment for children.

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